To all the East African member States through your High Commissions in Nairobi Kenya.

LEVYN Africa would like you to take part in our East African Carnival Annual Event that will take place on the —————–
Each Embassy can represent its country or choose a professional cultural team of five people plus the Carnival Queen Dancer from its respective Country to show and exhibit your country’s cultural Heritage.

During that time at the event site, we will give you:

1)A house at least 100 square meters to us as your country’s National Pavilion named after your country to show and exhibit all things about your history, culture and traditions.

2)A theater stage, will be put in place for dance, singing, interactive games and other performances.

3)Parade. walking or riding chattels and Carriages,dressed in your characteristics of clothing, about around 2hours 4-5kilometers.


All participants should reply through email,  your email must give the following two lists and in all details:

One list will show what you will do at the event,show your country’s culture during the 8 hours every day for that one week.

Please organize the answer to the following to show your country’s culture:

1) Sports, adults games, children games (please show in video).

2) History. Pictures of now and historical president or king.  Paper money, coins, ancient money. Ancient weaponry and soldier facilities. Traditional ancient agricultural instruments.

3) Famous writing works, art works, song, dance, Drama,Musical instruments.

4) Clothes, for adult and children traditionally, for all occasions by your countries Top traditional Designers.

5) Foods, drinks all traditional eatable products from your cultures.

6) Education.textbooks of Kindergarten primary and secondary school, photos and videos of schools story books.

7) Tourism, economy, etiquette or decorum,

8) Building and decoration. Famous architecture, traditional architecture, temple, home decoration, traditional Hubs and their meaning or Usage.

9) Customs, Marriage, wedding ceremony, festival,Sacrifices, major ceremonies,(please show in video)

10)Flag, artifacts, newspapers, magazines, books, posters, markers, etc for sale.

Your Tourism: Wild life, tourism sites,indigenous people, hotels and restaurants, markets tribes and lifestyle.

Your Country’s capital city: pictures of the City from different directions.

Mark on each one of the above that you can Do and How the audiences to participate in  and interact.

Please show vividly and clearly, all these above related video, audio, pictures and writing,

What can be in the form of physical to exhibit.

What price of the goods is fit if there can be sales at the site scene?

Their will be a Uniform Dance and Drum bit that all the participants will take part in on the parade and once every day at the venue once the Drum bits go off everyone is got to join the Dance.

All the information above, will be showed to the audiences in these ways at last:

1) Printed as a A4 size book in your country name with all the message and pictures.

2) Some big good pictures, as a cultural symbol of your country, printed as a large poster, posted on your national museum site.

3) Playing on a large TV on the event site with all the video, audio and pictures.

Another one list is to show what country, what person name and portrait and who will do it.

because many friends like you recommend, so that we can avoid the repetition in same country and invalid works. and at the end we will select and decide who is fit to do this activity by seeing his or her email which shows all the above things we need.


We only need 5 – 8 professional participants from each country and the rest of your tribe mates will source from Nairobi Kenya as residents.

For the general public to take part on behalf of their country’s will tip them up to 50$ per day.

if you and your friends are to take part you should first send us an email reply before 30th/10/2017 we will see who is the best answer which must answer the above questions in all details, so that we can confirm and get the quota of registration! because we only need one (1) main member person of each one country team to be in touch with.

MODELS: Top professional modals from each country and a number of other models from all the Universities around Nairobi.
– Each model to represent one culture,nation and flag one from each university ( DAY ONE)
– Each group of Fifteen participants will change the out fits To represent African wild life (DAY TWO)
-Each group will change its Carnival Queen for the Agriculture show mainly fruits grown in Africa (DAY THREE) it will all be GOLD and BLACK theme as the final day.
– The best Carnival Queen will win a car & be awarded Model of the year East Africa 2018.
* The team of Top three models with the East African Royals will take a trip to Kenya’s best holiday Hotels.

DESIGNERS: fashion Designers will be chosen from all the East African countries to create the best outfits for the models that will tell a story of each county according to the three days as planed.
* The best Designer shall be awarded the the Fashion Designer of the year 2018.

– All Universities shall bring onboard the best students in
1-Arts & culture
2-music Dance & Drama 3-History
4- International Relations
5- marketing mass-communications
6-vocational institutes in carpentry & welding
7- Hotel management & tourism.
* The best group shall win the first best gift hamper & the team leader shall take home the award of the year for the best management skills.

-Each Embassy shall take on the task of collecting its residents to support participate in the Carnival as they represent their countries.

Non African Embassies will be given a tent to which will accomodate their diplomats and dignitaries.
– Each Embassy will take on the responsibility of inviting their ministers of Tourism & culture to take part in this Historical Event & one mine Artist from each country.

– will have a group of Top 7 Hands men to handle each one of the carriages that will be made by these Institutions in wood, metal & fiber.
– five of the carriages will be out of motor trucks with covers all around one for each East African country.
– The other two shall be of Horses & carriages made out of metal with very big whiles for the Mine guests from Africa’s Top kingdoms & the other with the Carnival Queen of the year.
– The two shall be made out of fibre or more creative African equipment to represent other very close neighboring countries.
* The best carriage shall be awarded & given the second Gift pumper.

Contacts: Email:
Telephone/whatsapp :

+256 778187735

Partnership: Government ministry’s.
1- Foreign Affairs.
2- Local Government
3- Tourism
4- Culture
5- Gender and Labor
6- Education
7- Trade

Privet Sectors:
3- Nail
4- Daily Nation
5- Hotels
6- AU ( ECSOS )