25th/April/ 2022

To: All the Multiracial’s,

Mixed Race or Chotaras

Our dear OKAPI’S;



Greetings OKAPI’S, We at Levyn Africa Ltd, we would like to take this opportunity to bring together the overwhelming numbers of multiracials growing around the world on a daily and mainly here in our East African region where we take the second place after North Africa, by gathering for an annual festival which will open the untapped potential that’s Genetically in us and help us to establish our contribution in our society and build up working structures amongst ourselves, we come from different origins, backgrounds, Heritage, cultures, traditions and norms but United by one Race Mixed Race, today’s fastest growing ethnic group

Okapi’s, Levyn Africa Ltd is a social Economic and cultural org. We do community development projects every five years. This 2022 is all about releasing our untapped potential, uniting, Embracing, celebrating our uniqueness, building working structures and mostly helping out the first growing numbers of neglected multiracial babies in Uganda today.

Multiracials are not new in our communities for centuries there has been different circumstances that bring up these numbers but as of today the most worrying state is the UAE casual laborers known as Kadamas. With the little investigations done there will be released in the due diligence report where we have manage to register a good number of these children who all are Ugandan citizens by birth. The mothers have been working as casual laborers locally and outside the country mostly in the Arab countries, these young ladies have been raped, abused , used and tortured, a number of reports have been forwarded to many different travel agencies and Uganda police about the mishandling of the Ugandan laborers abroad and here in our own country. But little has been done to follow up the life styles and wellbeing of these girls who come back pregnant or with babies if they are being helped in any way.

NOTE: According to our research, a good number of half Arab babies half Ugandan have been brought back to Uganda, as many Ugandan girls have been taken advantage of here in our own country by some of the international investors under companies mostly our reports show Chinese companies, Russian Aeronautic engineers and Indians looking for work permits in Uganda These young ladies are taken advantage of and left with babies they are unable to take care of. As venerable mothers who can hardly take care of themselves with no help from the fathers of the babies who don’t want anything to do with these babies or even relate with them. As some of the stories have been linking of the fathers and family of these babies are getting in touch with the travel companies that took these laborers to make sure when they come back pregnant they shouldn’t let them give birth as they don’t want their bloodline in African families. These are life threatening conditions the mothers go through with their babies on a daily basis.

Besides nursing their wounds they got to make a living and take care of these babies at the sometime run for their lives.


These first growing numbers of neglected multiracial children is a timing bomb to our nation, we cannot underestimate a deprived child’s potential on revenge, research has shown how children have been adopted from zero age to Adults with no reports or information leading them to their biological parents, but they later find their parents.


We understand the expected consequences of a bitter child that has been denied the privilege of being with family and subjected to unwanted life with a tortured mother in a community where they feel no sense of belonging.

In our culture we do know that the old talk of how we came to be. In a long run these children will learn of their origins and this is where our fear of the next Terrorism generation in this country may arise as these children may want to take on revenge on the families that hurt their mothers and never cared for them.

We believe that a child that’s had a good upbringing mostly with five-six key Basic needs of every child

  • Education
  • food
  • Health care
  • Shelter
  • Protection (loved)
  • Clothing

Would grow with a loving and thankful heart to a community that accepted and loved him or her as their own.


 A United, productive, successful multiracial Association


To build a culture that will give us a sense of belonging which will be adopted from one generation to the next with a platform that will tusk our full potential


  • Annual event for unity and learning as most of the activities will be innovations and creativity
  • To build a foundation to help the Vulnerable multiracial children
  • will build a micro finance system to support small businesses and group innovations that are beneficial

    to the Society.

  • A savings Saco which will help us plan ahead.
  • Lobby for Scholarships


structures that will engage and involve all ages and all Multiracial origins.

Strategic plan for the venerable children:

  • Education (tuition)
  • scholarships
  • healthcare centers where they will be Abel to access free medical services and their mothers
  • Farms for organic food production and supply’s that are suitable for these children’s DNA’s.

As research shows each race needs a different diet for healthier growth

Events and Activities:           A three day Annual Festival

Date:                                      December 2022

Location:                                Entebbe tea farm

  • A market day where all participants “only members” will get to exhibit their innovations and creativity
  • Food and beverages
  • Crafts
  • Fine art
  • Fashion lines
  • Interior decor
  • Bar
  • Music, dance and drama
  • Standup comedy
  • Acrobatics

All at the most minimum cost

  • luncheon in a set of the longest dining table in the tea farm where everyone will be free to bring
  • Drinks of their choice
  • Fruits
  • Cheese / bread
  • Vegetables

as the meat, fish, chicken etc will be on your ticket.

  • Vintage tea pots and cups competitions
  • outside bar around the vintage cars conner




Brown, bronze, white, off white, cream, all shades of grey rustic touch of accessories and pearls.


  • Hispanic origin
  • Asian origin
  • Arabic origin
  • American origin
  • European origin

We expect something that defines you, could a game, cuisine, makeup, a fashion design, dance, accessories, flowers and pots etc. define yourselves!!


  • A united group of Multiracial’s
  • Organized groups of different origins that are productive
  • New innovations
  • Bigger and better businesses
  • A very well structured vulnerable multiracial foundation
  • A farm social and Economic structure in and Among the OKAPI’S
  • Creation of culture
  • Proud OKAPI members


Multiracial’s are known best for the gift of Science and engineering innovations.

Today we face so much challenges in Africa coz we luck enough innovations to fasten or quicken our day to day work;

  • Un automatic hand cultivating machine we stop the human hard laboring old systems
  • solar stoves this will save a lot of tree and zero cost minus the cost of buying
  • water drilling systems and affordable clean storage
  • lighting sources. Some of the everyday life essentials.

These innovations can be achieved in the annual exhibitions


Own this OKAPI coz it’s yours and only here for you and your generations to come.


 OKAPI.5 2022-2026 As we seek for public private partnerships (PPP) with the Ministers of

  • OPM
  • Labor
  • Internal affairs
  • Foreign affairs

With all of you on board, we will make our work a lot easier and move faster to our vision, mission and goals. We will be humbled to have our meeting every last Sunday of the month starting with May/ 2022.



Princess Evelyn Bright Adyeeri

CEO: Levyn Africa ltd

Founder : OKAPIA

Email: levynuganda@gmail.com

Tel: +256772408964

Website: www.levynafrica.com