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Levyn Africa is here to take the African continent to a higher level.
Africa has a lot going on and has been doing wonders and great contributions globally but not locally recognized or internationally respected. Our number one mission is to make sure the African continent is known.   

A lot of great people and things come and go without recognition, raw materials and minerals we still lead globally, Africa is the mother of history, but what do we have to show. What’s there for our children and great grandchildren to hold on to and be proud of.

Just as our fore fathers gave their lives and we still have not much that belongs to us and so it will be if we don’t join hands as a continent acknowledge who we are with honor, as we all know, you can never be treated any better than you treat yourself. Africa we have to start setting grounds and standards rightful for our people in every sector. Starting with embracing our great history of culture and traditions, working together in every sector that we share to give our products value and a name. Sectors like fashion, interior, music, political history, food, education, movies, wildlife or tourism.

These are sectors where we have a lot of similarity as a continent. That’s why Levyn Africa believes by working together as a continent in these sectors will rise the value and standards ‘quality and quantity’ of our products. Levyn is here to develop an African brand or label that should be recognized as an African brand globally. One that will help put with the international brands or labels and it fits or even better. Levyn Africa is No.1 supporter of culture and traditions in Africa. We are here to promote Africa and its people, our culture and traditions.

We at Levyn Africa believe culture and traditions well practiced, their No.1 protection, motivation and empowerment for our people. Without culture, tradition or religion it’s like living with¬out law and order. We all know in life there are laws that govern everything. Let’s call them life principles.

Who we are


To be the leading African organization in promotion of Africa to an international level.


We are committed to protect and gracefully use African heritage cultures and traditions to promote, benefit and make African’s proud and respected globally. We pre­serve our cultures/traditions as we raise awareness to the future generation of the children of Africa with integrity and ethics to the modern Africa.


We care deeply about the future of Africa and its people. We are professionally dedicated service our international and local customers. We value continuous learning and involvement of our skill in dynamic and global environment.


Innovative, socially respected, internation-ally involved,
culturally engaged and responsible. 

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